Founded in 1999, Tainan Enterprise (Cayman) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company, the Corporate, or Tainan Cayman) is a holding company set up to promote private label brands in China and Taiwan. In the same year, TONY WEAR (Shanghai) Fashion Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai. The Company carries various brands in terms of the styles, such as TONY WEAR, TONY JEANS, TONY UOMO and TJL. In addition, the Company has also become an agent for European apparel brands, including CAMEL ACTIVE from Germany, NEW MAN and U BY UNGARO from France, etc. After huge success of TONY WEAR , Tainan (Cayman) set up Guanjia (Shanghai) Fashion Co., Ltd. in 2004 to operate EMELY, a brand that targets mature ladies in China. 4 years later, EMELY SWEETIE was launched. Well-known Korean brand V.O.V and G-CUT introduced into China by Guanjia in 2011 and 2016, respectfully. With the sustainable development of the Company, now the Company carries 3 international sport brands, FILA、Champion and Reebok through its affiliates in Taiwan. With the focus at multiplication strategies, Tainan Enterprise (Cayman) Co., Ltd. is aiming more potential brands around the world.


Random Name

FILA is a world-famous sportswear brand founded in 1911 by the Fila brothers in Italy. In 1973, Japanese designer Inobu designed the "F-box" trademark of FILA, red and blue represented the sunshine and ocean of Mediterranean.


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In 1895 Joseph William Foster at the age of 14 started work in his bedroom above his father's sweetshop in Bolton, England, and designed some of the earliest spiked running shoes. In 1958 in Bolton, two of the founder's grandsons, Joe and Jeff Foster, formed a company "Reebok" as inspired by a type of African antelope. Now Reebok is an American fitness footwear and clothing leading brand and devotes in revolutionary of sport product design and manufacture.

Corporate History

Corporate History

  • TONY WEAR (Shanghai) Fashion Co., Ltd. TONY WEAR was marketed in China.
  • The first TONY WEAR flagship store opened in Beijing.
  • The TONY WEAR flagship store opened on Huai Hai Zhong Road in Shanghai.
  • The TONY JEANS brand was developed. The Company became an agent for the German clothing brand CAMEL ACTIVE.
  • The first multi-brand specialty store (TONY TOWN) opened in Wandu Building in Shanghai.
  • Guanjia (Shanghai) Fashion Co., Ltd. was founded. The “EMELY” brand was marketing in China.
  • The Company became an agent for the French clothing brand NEW MAN.
  • The TONY UOMO brand was launched.
  • The TJL women’s clothing brand was launched.
  • The EMELY SWEETIE brand that targets young, fashionable, and sweet women was launched.
  • The Company became a franchisee for the French clothing brand UNGARO.
  • The TW.DESIGN brand was launched.
  • The Company became a franchisee for the Korea clothing brand .voice of voice
  • Listing at Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • Raised NTD300 millions from TWSE
  • End of Agency with Camel Active
  • Reduction of Capital to NTD 300,000,000
  • Increase of Capital to NTD600,000,000
  • Invested in Nelson Sport Co., Ltd
  • Set up Taiwan branch and Fe-Ler branch
  • Invested in Koche Fashhion Co.,Ltd
  • Sold subsidiary company in China _ TONY WEAR (Shanghai) Fashion Co., Ltd
  • Invested in Overtop Sport Co., Ltd
  • Changed company Chinese name

Group architecture

Subsidiary profile

Basic Information

Company Name:Guanjia (Shanghai) Fashion Co., Ltd.

Address:Room 506, No.8-9, Lane 1500, Lianhua South Road, Minghang District,  Shanghai, China

Contact Us:info@mail.tainancayman.com



Business Philosophy

Honesty: Business operation is the ability to test the performance of commitments, and only with honesty can be sustainable development.

Innovation: Only the innovation can maintain competitiveness of fashion industry.

Respect: Talented person is the foundation of the company, knowing people, respect and communication are the top priorities.

Excellence: Adhering to the good and pursuing excellence can move towards the future.

Share: Profit sharing can create coexistence and common prosperity.

2004.04 Guanjia (Shanghai) Fashion Co., Ltd. was founded, the capital was USD 1.0 million.
2004.09 Created an own brand “Emely” in China and Opened 10 stores in 2004.
2007.12 The number of emely stores has reached 100 in China.
2011.06 Guanjia agent Korea New World Group's own brand “VOV”.
2011.10 Tainan Enterprise (BVI) Co., Limited was listed in Taiwan stock market.
2012.06 VOV opened flagship store at Shanghai Grand Gateway Shopping Mall.
2012.08 Increased capital by cash USD 4.3 million, Total has reached USD 5.3 million.
2016.09 Guanjia agent Korea SHINSEGAE Co., Ltd. Group's own brand “G-cut”, increased capital by cash USD 2.0 million, Total has reached USD 7.3 million.
2017.08 Guanjia ended its own brand “emely”.
2017.12 Increased capital by cash USD 2.0 million, Total has reached USD 9.3 million.
2020.02 Guanjia ended its agency of brands owned by Shinsegae International Co., Ltd.